A downloadable game for Windows

Created by Tyler Cowan and Jordan Maslen for the four-day-long
UE4 Winter Game Jam. 
The theme to follow was "On Thin Ice". 

The game includes eight zones where you must collect eight orbs scattered throughout each zone. 

Good luck and thank you for visiting.

Gameplay video: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1GVIxvEHH7Xyk4I9XUOpFv_ClTx7ZoDY4


CowanMaslen_Bleak.zip 229 MB


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I initially overlooked most of this jam, but damn am I glad I came back for this one! It's such a simple concept but it's explored so thoroughly, even if this was just a short term game jam protect. It eases you in with some basics and slowly ramps up for the grand finale of level 8. It's got great weight, pacing, atmosphere and challenge.  Fantastic work!

Thanks so much! We really appreciate it. Your video was awesome, and I was so excited to see you finish zone 8! :D

Zone 8 was a little painful at times, but it felt equal parts difficult and fair. I'll love to see what becomes of this should you decide to expand upon it.


REally impressive. Great Graphics, good control of the ball and overall I thought Bleak was well produced. Nice one DEVS

I didn;t finish the Stage 8 though.

Thanks for playing! I really enjoyed your video. 
Zone 8 is definitely a lot harder than the rest. We wanted to show the potential of how hard this game could be if we had been given more time to develop extra zones.  
Here's a quick 30 second video to show that it's possible :D

Yeah, Stage 8 appeared to be almost impossible but for me I had time limits (Shopping, tea etc) but yeah, I knew it could be done otherwise that would have been one hell of a sadistic stage hahahaha

I watched the video as well so thanks for posting the link and I will, this week, try to complete Stage 8 and post up the video just for proof.

Good luck and once again, well done.